Lisbon On-site Improvements
The GraphCDN team spent the last week in Lisbon, Portugal at an amazing onsite. (Since we are a distributed company, we're actually "on-site" when we're all together. 😊) Other than getting to know each one of us better, and working hard on the vision and mission for our company, we also shipped some improvements, fixes, and new features.
  • We have a new field called
    on the organization type, which allows you to paginate/filter through all services owned by an organization. This implements the relay-pagination spec.
  • POST
    requests with an empty body are now blocked at the edge.
  • The Forwarded headers are now appended rather than replaced
  • Requests are retried at most once to not overload your backend services.
  • We have fixed the Slack channel selector, which was not working for Slack workspaces with more than 1000 channels. We will now load all non-archived channels when loading the page. Unfortunately Slack does not implement filtering via their API 😅, which makes our UI and background logic a slight bit more complicated.
  • We now make a better attempt at removing the TLS subscription when removing a custom domain from your service.
  • We have fixed an issue where we would cache empty array root-fields